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ZHUHAI GLOBAL DIGITALDENTURE CO.LTD. Founded in 2016. Since its establishment, the company has proposed the business philosophy of "innovation, service and win-win". ZHUHAI GLOBAL DIGITALDENTURE CO.LTD.focuses on the production and processing of foreign products, with a number of technologies and various products, and its development scale has ranked among the forefront of Zhuhai oral denture manufacturing enterprises.

ZHUHAI GLOBAL DIGITALDENTURE CO.LTD. is committed to industrial transformation and transformation, and has made great efforts in technical innovation. Since 2017, the company has introduced 3D printing technology and intelligent ceramic technology reform, etc.

In 2019, ZHUHAI TEE DENTAL PRODUCTS CO., LTD and ZHUHAI GLOBAL DIGITALDENTURE CO.LTD. jointly established "Santong denture Industrial Park" with huge investment, which laid a solid foundation for unified management and reasonable resource allocation, and provided guarantee for global digital denture product quality.

ZHUHAI GLOBAL DIGITALDENTURE CO.LTD. focuses on the development and consolidation of foreign denture processing industry, creating a bright business card for domestic denture manufacturing. You are welcome to join us and roll up your sleeves for a better tomorrow together!!!

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